The ATMAN ONLINE YOGA ACADEMY is being built by an international team to provide for you a worldwide and easy online access to the genuine spiritual teachings. The practice of our integrative yoga, organised in coherent years of study, will help you to achieve excellent health, inner peace, profound relaxation, work efficiency, self-knowledge and even perfection on all levels of the being.



Our courses are not just recordings – they are taught live in real time with both practice and theory by internationally certified yoga teachers. The teacher is guiding you all the way, indicating effects and special awareness for each yoga posture, technique and meditation. You are corrected directly in your live-practice and can ask questions about the yoga practice as well as the spiritual life. In the online classes you will practice with colleagues from all over the world, but also request private classes. Join the yoga classes! The first group starts from September 2015 to January 2016, the second group from March to July 2016. Each academic year has a 46 weeks curriculum.



Enjoy the benefits from authentic yoga practice and spiritual knowledge, wherever you are, meeting requirements of today’s life: busy agenda or family’s commitments. You may attend classes from a silent place in nature or in your home using different devices, such as tablet, notebook or even your smartphone with internet access. Through special online applications, ATMAN  ONLINE YOGA ACADEMY allows you to interact with the teacher and colleagues world wide, having options like live sharing of webcams, presentations or videos, live audio, screen sharing and chatting.



Joining the yoga class of the ONLINE YOGA ACADEMY you will have all the benefits of being a yoga student of ATMAN – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. You will receive the printed course materials, learn something new every week in an integrated yogic curriculum of teaching. Or you can drop in one of our international centres or join a variety of retreats offered by the schools of the federation around the globe, and receive genuine spiritual initiations into special Mantras and advanced yogic techniques.



The techniques and teachings presented are based on the ancient esoteric yoga scriptures and the works of modern sages, correlated with relevant scientific publications. Compiled and structured with an academic approach in the form of thousands of courses, they comprise the most comprehensive and integrative yoga system with theory and practice existing in the world today, revealing practically all fundamental yoga techniques.



Beyond the live online yoga classes you can also join open yoga practice classes (without theory), workshops and other live spiritual courses providing many facets of the spiritual path, programs of synchronized meditations done in unison worldwide, spiritual live webinars and recorded videos and articles with guidelines to live a healthy, successful and spiritual life full of divine inspiration, inner peace and radiant happiness.



The courses and other activities will be provided in many international languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Romanian. Practice and interact online live with yogis from different cultures and traditions worldwide and even meet them in retreats, spiritual workshops and festivals or in a classroom of one of our international centres.

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